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That being said, CPA review doesn’t have to cost you a metric shitton of cash you don’t have.

Here are a few ways to save some money if you’re not one of the lucky few getting your course paid for by either your employer or your co-dependent parents.

Since Ive used both of these courses to study, its pretty safe to say I know my way around them.You can also purchase individual sections for 0 a piece. You will have to pay either 5, if you meet Beckers Promise criteria (which is kind of difficult to do), or youll have to pay 6 per section plus a registration fee. After one year, you will just have to contact them to renew your account. Then after you pass the exam, you can use your account for a full year.Becker, on the other hand, is the most expensive course available. CPA excel, on the other hand, is yours until you pass all four sections. Becker has a very strict 12-month expiration date on the live classes option.Flash Cards help you: Order online any time with our secure system, or call: 888.884.5669 (toll-free) or 928.204.1066 (International).Student Discount Policy We are pleased to offer a 20% student discount to faculty, actively enrolled full-time and part-time college or university students.

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