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Ignorance about the Scriptural teaching on these subjects has left most young people defenceless against Satan's subtle attacks in these realms. It presents sex, love and marriage from God's viewpoint.God Himself is the essence of true love and He is the One Who created sex and ordained marriage. And yet what ignorance prevails about the real purpose of these gifts of God to mankind.

The excise officials last night said the filmmaker cooperated with the investigators during his questioning.

Sexual harassment may be verbal (like making comments about someone), but it doesn't have to be spoken.

Bullies may use technology to harass someone sexually (like sending inappropriate text messages, pictures, or videos).

He alone can therefore tell us what love really means, and how sex and marriage can be used for our greatest good.

What God has said in His Word, we shall find is contrary to much that this world teaches on these subjects. He who builds his life on it can never fall - no storm or earthquake will ever shake him.

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