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But I think all of us who are Christians have that same initial tinge of electricity rustle our nerves in shock when we first hear the news about Gene and Melissa Scott's ministry. I remember watching him chomp his cigar and talk about how the Hebrew slaves hid the truth of Torah in the pyramids and if you add up lengths of corridors divided by heights of this multiplied by widths of that . AND if you line up the peaks of the pyramids they point true north. "His language is crude, abusive and profane, clearly violating God's standards for Christians." Scott protested to loud applause. " But it gets worse (depending on your perspective of course). well that led you to Deuteronomy 6 and the great Shema. During the last few years, Scott has become more and more outrageous and offensive," a CRI analysis concludes.I didn't take in much of what she said, but I did take notice and thought I'd find out a bit more about her. Evangelists seem to have a lot of power over the Youtube, but she and her cronies didn't hide everything.She's educated and classy and if I was still Christian I'd be a devotee.

At the infamous pony parties during the mid-1990s, Melissa Scott often danced topless for her future husband.It's prosperity for her church and the mostloyal who have devoted their lives to it, not for the poor,homeless, meek, weak or disenfranchised.I had mentioned her name to him because early one morning I happened to turn on the television and watched her teaching without bias. Supposedly Melissa had a pretty bad reputation and background (OK, I'm being gracious).She sold her body to finance herself in the past and now she's selling the 'prosperity' doctrine to finance her church. In 1996, Melissa divorced Paul Pastore and Gene Scott divorced his second wife Christine. Scott's claims that Melissa spoke 15 languages and has an IQ of 186, particularly when Dr.This is after marrying the old and now deceased wrinkly rich Dr. Scott's doctors had to tell her to stop feeding Dr. Controvery surrounds Pastor Melissa Scott as she hammers volunteers for free servitude, demands money to pray for callers and insists that those who have stayed in her church double and triple their monetary giving and time to help her make ends meet.

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Following the lesson to sing her song she was sitting on a chair with her side facing the camera, unwilling to bare her soul and the truth to the world of her shame.

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