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It works with official sources from Mandriva or unofficial sources such as those from the Penguin Liberation Front. In addition to the now-defunct Mandriva Linux, it is also being used by: urpmi was developed as an experiment by Pascal Rigaux (Pixel) to address RPM install limitations; it was further maintained by François Pons and different Mandriva employees.It is currently (2010-2013) maintained by Thierry Vignaud who was the maintainer of rpmdrake and one of the co-maintainers of the drakx installer and tools at Mandriva before he continued doing that job at Mageia.RPM only stores data of locally installed packages.If configured, it fetches packages from the network upon installation, if they are newer than the packages on the installation media.It is possible to test your hardware’s compatibility in the LIVE mode of the installation DVD, but its suggested to always to make a search on internet of the various components of your system.

Is always a good idea have the most information possible about your hardware.

RPM only tells you which files are missing or which packages would be broken.

It stores a full dependency set of any given location.

urpmi is a Mageia/ROSA Linux/Mandriva Linux package management tool for installing, removing, updating and querying software packages of local or remote (networked) media.

It wraps around the RPM Package Manager (RPM) package manager so that the user will not suffer the often-encountered dependency hell.

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Type a username and password to use for proxy server authentication. You can override this setting for a specific virtual machine by modifying virtual machine settings.

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